My Thoughts on Interactive Communications

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The End

This course has definitely taken me to a place that I have not been a while. For years I would write everything down, quotes, metaphors, jokes and stories. I would use my experience and expand them into stories that were creative. I would take things I’ve seen and elaborate on it to be more vivid to the reader than it was when I saw it. This course has bought me back to that place. I enjoyed writing again. I had a feeling of relief when I wrote about my life over the past 12 weeks. It was therapy.

I think I’ve accomplished a better understanding of voice and strength. I’m good at writing about life. I can be humorous and charming when I writing what I know. And, I’ve also learned how to not overwrite and how to rewrite. I was never an overwriter. But, after reading Zinsser I’ve learned to the art of elimination, useless words and style. I think On Writing Well will be my new constant read. My constant reads are the books that I read over and over again. There is no end, especially to writing well.

I will definitely continue to write. But blogging is not for me. I don’t need to share my stories with everyone, just me, and maybe a friend here and there!

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That’s Not Cool – social media campaign is non-profit organization. Its purpose is to encourage kids to stand up against inappropriate behavior and harassment via social networks and texting. In addition to the website, all the promotion for this site and cause is done by social media campaign.

The main feature of the That’s Not Cool campaign is callouts cards. A callout card is a digital card which can be downloaded via and posted to various social networks. The callout cards have smart slogans which kids can use to express their frustration about someone’s behavior. A few of the callout cards include.

The idea of the social network call out card is a great promotional tool. That’s Not Cool has grown though its visibility of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube by the use of the callout card.

Currently, has nearly 49,000 likes on its Facebook fan page. In addition to that the callout cards can be placed by anyone on their page or to someone else pages. Thereby increasing the awareness of the organization.

Twitter: uses Twitter as a great way to reinforce its purpose via the network. By having a simple bio which says, “Your cell, IM, and social networks are digital extensions of who you are. When someone pressures you or disrespects you in those places, that’s not cool.” It lets others knows it mission and promotes the positivity of the campaign.

The has a great YouTube channel full of videos that set up scenarios that “aren’t cool.” Again, the point of the channel is to reiterate the purpose of the campaign.

My Social Media Campaign:

Evaluating the social media campaign made me understand the importance of continuing making your brand be seen and recognized. I think the best way to do is to by create a concept and imaging that people can relate to and immediate affiliate it with its purpose. inspired me to create a logo or slogan, a callout card if you will, that I can use as the main element of my social media campaign. My logo or slogan will be used as any other brand imaging, such as Coco-Cola or Nike.

I plan to mainly use Twitter as the source of my campaign. I will integrate the logo/slogan that I create for my campaign and create hashtag in hopes of my presences being recognizable.

Unlike, I don’t plan to use YouTube as part of my social media campaign. I would rather leave the interpretation of my stories to the readers. Even though my stories are mine, I don’t want them to be so literal because I want other to be able to relate to them.
I do plan to use Facebook as part of my campaign; however I will not use my personal Facebook. I will create a Facebook page which will coincide with my campaign and work hand and hand with my Twitter account.

Overall, I plan to replicate by having a main website which is the source of my blogs, but have my social media campaign act as a vehicle promote and provide access to the content of the site, without needing to go to the site.

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THE SITE is the ultimate social network. It allows you to meet and interact with people all over the world who are sharing the same emotion as you are at any given time.

All you have to do is logon to and chose your emotion to reveal thousands of people who are feeling the exact same way that you do.

PURPOSE is the ultimate social network. It allows you to meet and interact with people all over the world who are sharing the same emotion as you are at any given time.

All you have to do is logon to and chose your emotion to reveal thousands of people who are feeling the exact same way that you do.


The site will work by members creating a profile that will log their emotions. Each time a member logs on to they will be prompted to select from a list of emotions. This list will consist of emotions such as sad, happy, angry, embarrassed, shocked or determined.

Once an emotion is selected several members who are feeling the exact emotion will appear. If someone is feeling angry, a list of people who feel calm or angry will appear. If a person feels sad, a list of people who are sad or happy will appear.

WHO WILL USE IT is a site that will be used by everyone. People of all genders, ages and races will be able to use the site to socialize with other members. Everyone needs someone to relate to.


The site will be very clean and simple. The homepage will consist of a white background with the ifeelu logo place on the upper left corner.

On the bottom will be a basic navigation with About Us, Join, Contact Us and Stats.

The main feature of the homepage will be a circle in the middle on the page. In the circle the words “i feel…” will be followed by a drop down with a list of emotions.

When a emotion is selected a ton of smaller circles will appear with the faces of individuals who share your current emotion.

IFEELU.COM is a site that can change the world. It is a social networking site that goes beyond pairing individuals based on their relationships, interests and jobs. This site connects people with others who are experiencing the same joys and struggles that others are feeling. It gives people the ability to be understanding to others and still be understood.

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My Dad Heard Me Say the “F” Word

My father is a quite man. He is conservative, reserved, soft-spoken and serious. He despises rap music, thinks P. Diddy is a thug and might still think that I after 5 years if marriage, am still a virgin (And there goes the pink elephant)! But, the day my dad heard me drop the “F” bomb was the day he finally saw me as normal.

I called my mom to rant and rave about another bad altercation I had with my sister-in-law.   My mom being the sly women she is, but her cell phone on speaker as I called my sister-in-law everything but a girl scout! I screamed and cursed and cried about how frustrated I was that my husband’s sister was the bane of existence. As I yelled, “I can’t f*cking stand her,” I heard my father interject with a loud gale of laughter. “How could you mommy,” I yelled at my mother (keep your friends close and your enemies closer)! I was furious, not because my mom betrayed my trust, but because I was no longer perfect in my daddy’s eyes.

I am my Dad’s perfect daughter. In his eyes I don’t get angry. I don’t drink, I don’t lie and I don’t curse. I guess I always wanted him to look at me as his little girl.

After I told my mom that I was hanging up because I was too livid to speak to here I received a text message from my dad.

“Honey, I never heard you curse before. That was really funny. It’s okay to get mad in front of me, I promise not to be judgmental. It’s just nice to know you’re not perfect, now I know you’re definitely my daughter! Love you, Dad.”

That was all I needed to know that in my dad’s eyes, I was still his definition of perfect – imperfect.

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Ingenious Pitches


One Sentence Pitch:
T.I.M. movement is an initiative for self-acceptance.

Elevator Pitch:
The concept of T.I.M. is to create a movement of self-love and self-acceptance. It is the idea of children accepting who they are, what they do and where they come from. The purpose of T.I.M. is to encourage children to be who they are no matter what their experiences, struggles or mistakes. T.I.M. movement is a campaign that will be promoted in schools to inspire kids to not be ashamed to shine and be themselves.

Promotional E-Newsletter:
Welcome to T.I.M! Our mission is to shout to the world “This Is Me!” Take it or leave it.

Everyday you’re faced with regret, insecurities and opposition. It’s difficult deal with those emotions but those things make you who you are. Don’t feel defeated by past mistakes, self doubt or challenges. Remember you are who you are and no one can take that away from you. T.I.M movement believes in you and you have to believe in yourself! So, the next time a friend laughs at you for not doing what everyone else is doing just tell them, “This Is Me.”


One Sentence Pitch:
Connecting with the world through emotions.

Elevator Pitch: is a social networking site that connects people by the way they are feeling. The concept of is a site that allows people to interact with people who can relate or counteract how they feel. The site will work by members creating a profile that will log their emotions. Each time a member logs on to they will be prompted to select from a list of emotions how they feel. This list will consist of emotions such as sad, happy, angry, hurt, embarrassed, determined, inspired and helpful. Once an emotion is selected the site will ask you if you want to see those who “relate” to how you feel or those who can “change” who you feel.

A list of members who will be able to relate or help combat how you feel will then appear. If someone is feeling angry, a list of people who feel calm or angry will appear. If a person feels sad, a list of people who are sad or happy will appear. The purpose of is to create an outlet for emotions. A place where people can go so they don’t feel alone.

Promotional Release: is the ultimate social network. allows you to meet and interactive with people all over the world who are sharing the same emotion as you are at any given time.

Just logon to and chose your emotion to reveal thousands of people who are feeling the exact same way. You are not alone. There is someone out there who knows how you feel.

Signup to today. Someone does Feel You.

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I Am Not My Hair

Growing up I was always known as the little girl with “good” hair. I had long curly mahogany locks that were thick enough to play tug of war with. I remember many of my classmates in school would turn my ponytails pretending that my plaits were a double-dutch rope.

People constantly complimented my tresses and reminded me of how biologically lucky I was to be the product of a Black father and an Indian mother. With all this attention it was only natural for me to believe that my hair was my best asset. To me, my hair is what made me beautiful.

As a preteen, I would wear my hair down to show off my long swirling curls. As I got older, I realized that straight hair was in, so I started wearing my hair straight; the way the other girls at my high school did. No matter if I was having a bad hair day or a good one, people still expressed their wish to have hair like mine.

It wasn’t until I lost all of my hair due to chemotherapy did I realize that my hair was not what made me beautiful. Although I missed my hair, losing it allowed me to figure out who I was.

Now that my hair is back I have a larger appreciation for myself, with or without hair.

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The On-Line Me – midterm

My blogs are my truth. They are a glimpse into the life of a person who has no desire for an online presence. I have no interest in being Perez Hilton or Rumi Neely.  But, I want my personal blogs to represent my pseudonym’s online presence.

My blogs aren’t blogs to me. They are just stories of my experiences that become blogs when I click “publish.” My blogs are bits and pieces of my lifeline. They divulge my journey, my goals, my thoughts and my frustrations. My blogs are my journal.

I use a pseudonym because it allows be to me without being me. It allows me to make fun my friends and family without worrying about offending them. I can expose my flaws and insecurities as my pseudonym and not be embarrassed as me. My pseudonym saves me from the embarrassment and vulnerability that comes from my life stories. I’m not embarrassed of the professional me. There is no need to create a pseudonym for my professional self. The professional me is the side I want the world to see; C.R, the student, the business woman, the music aficionado, the artist, the marketer. But, C.R the wife who’s too busy to have dinner with her husband, the granddaughter who doesn’t spend enough time with her grandma and the woman who always struggles with her weight needs the refuge of a pseudonym.

According to Wikipedia, pseudonyms are often used to hide an individual’s real identity. My blogs are my identity which means my pseudonym has become a contradiction. But, Kalm said it best, “You can only write what you know.” And if being able to write what I know means distributing it as someone else, so be it. “Do what you will, this world’s a fiction and is made up of contradiction.” William Blake

Although a contradiction, my pseudonym is only that to me because only I know my truth. My readers will know my pseudonym and its stories as truth. I want my pseudonym to be relatable. I want for readers of my blog to laugh, cry, learn and become inspired. I want to William Zinsser to be right; “They’ll care if you tell them something interesting.” I can only hope that my “somethings” are interesting.

I think my blogs are interesting. I think readers will enjoy “I’m A Work in Progress” and the lessons I am still learning about marriage and my “I” syndrome. I know that someone will relate to “The Root of Ambition.” I want people to smile when they read about my thought that motherhood makes women less cool in “Me + Baby = Fail” and laugh at “Welcome to the Family.” I know that my blogs can accomplish all those things.

My blogs are my truth and I want them to represent my pseudonym’s online presence. I will do so by first creating social networks for my pseudonym. Social networks, Facebook and Twitter will be the main source of distribution for my blog. I will post links to the Facebook and Twitter pages frequently and I plan to integrate images in my blog to make them more appealing. One of the most important aspects of creating an online presence for my pseudonym is being searchable. I will create a Wikipedia page for my blog so all who search my blog by title will find a summary of my pseudonym. E-mail is still the number one form of reaching the network society. I will setup my content management system to send e-mails reminders every time I post a new blog. Lastly, I plan to setup separate blog for my pseudonym. Now that I have learned and had time to think about my professional self and my pseudonym, I want each to be independent.

I can only hope that my plan to present my online presence is tactical enough to gain readers, that my blogs are interesting enough to keep readers and that I am not writing for an audience of one.

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Welcome to the Family – blog post 2

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Although it comes with a lot of baggage, finding that one person who you can tolerate for the rest of your life is definitely something special. When you marry someone you love them regardless of their flaws, their bad habits and their shortcomings. You take their past experiences, their future goals and their present bullshit. You even take their snoring, their inability to put the toilet seat down (or up) and their bad cooking. Most importantly when you marry someone you have to take their family.

In-laws is one of the many aspects of marriage I was afraid of. I was always terrified that the mother of the man I married would be like Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond. I dreaded having in-laws who sang show tunes or who had questionable religious practices.

Luckily for me when I married I didn’t get the cast of the Chorus Line or devil worshipers. Instead I married into a family of Scrabble players who kissed all the time. A family that was okay with vulgarity (within reason) and shared humiliating stories of their life with each other. The kissing thing definitely took some getting used to. I never met people who kiss each other each and every time they met and depart. I was never much of a Scrabble player, so I felt out of place when my sister-in-law broke out the “deluxe” Scrabble board for a night of wine and arguments about the legitimacy of words. I never understood the ability of my in-laws to curse at each other but still make it a priority to call one another on holidays. For years I tried to avoid my husband’s family functions because I thought I would be the odd man out. I hated being the only one who could not speak their language or relate to their many Haitianisims.

It wasn’t until I had a few of my in-laws over to my home did I realize that I have slowly become one of them! I greeted everyone with a kiss as they came through my door, I responded to their questions asked in French and I even bragged about my new board game!

The idea of gaining a new family with marriage can be unnerving, especially since dealing with one’s own family can be difficult. But, my in-laws have thought me many new things, which is what families are supposed to do. I appreciate my in-laws and I love them for making me one of their own.

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The 27th Year, Old Lady – blog post 1

With the purchase of a home and turning 27-years-old this year, I can’t help but feel like I’m quickly aging. I have managed to stay hip (so I hope!) by wearing Uggs and hoop earrings; however the essence of an old married woman still lives inside me. Despite the fact that many always tell me I’m still young, I always have this feeling of being too old for things like cell phone ring tones, going to the mall just for fun and wearing athletic shoes when I’m not working out (which never seems to happen so…).

I know what you’re thinking, 27 is not old! But as a 27-year-old woman who is married, hates her job and has had more surgeries than Joan Rivers, I think its only right that I tack on another 10 years, hell I’ve earned it! But, after heavy evaluation of my pre-mid-life-crisis I have concluded that my marriage has aged me.

My husband and I do things that married people do, go to the movies, argue about finances and share odd details of our bodily functions. We no longer party with our single friends or take random trips. Some might say if I feel this way maybe I shouldn’t be married, but if being married means being a 27-year-old lady with my best friend then I am looking forward to old age because nothing is better than knowing no matter how old I get, my husband will always love me and he will always be 2 years older than I am!

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An Ongoing Issue – argument

Four in every five Americans begin having sexual intercourse before age 20. Having a 16-year-old and 18-year-old sister, that statistic scares me.  Unaware of the consequences, teenagers willingly engage in sexual intercourse, which is why American teenagers should have access to sex education classes, contraceptive and family planning services.

Sex between teenagers comes from their own curiosity.  It also comes from pressures by others and the lack of communication between teenagers and their parents.  The lack of communication is important for teenagers to understand the seriousness sex.  Teenagers don’t learn that sex should be something that they share with someone they love.  “Sex is not meant for entertainment, but for reproduction and expression of love” (Zane 82).  Due to this ignorance teens are likely to follow their peers.  Teenagers tend to disregard the consequences of having sex just for the experience and the pleasure.  Things like sexually transmitted infections and diseases and early pregnancy are some of the risks that teenagers are taking when they have sex. “Each year, one million American teenagers become pregnant and 85% of theses pregnancies are unintended.”

The percentage of teenage pregnancy in America continues to grow.  The Netherlands have the same teenage sexual activity rate as America but it has more facilities for sex education, which explains why their teen pregnancy rates are 1/9 those of the U.S. pregnancy rates. Sex education services are needed in the U.S.

Jay Smith said having those services would have helped her during her teenager years. Jay said she wanted to talk to someone about pregnancy.  Jay was a great student.  She went to school, got good grades and was perfect in her parent’s eyes.  She always thought she wouldn’t have sex until she was married.  But when she was 16 she dated a boy who pressured her to have sex.  During her senior year of high school she found out that she was pregnant with his baby.  She didn’t know what to do or who to tell.  On July 27, 2010 she gave birth to a baby boy, Jack.  She loved him with all her heart.  Now at 9 years old Jack is a hand full.  I looked at Jay as she chased Jack around the room.  She is tired and stressed. “I love Jack, but I regret not waiting, don’t get me wrong I don’t regret him, just my choices. I thought about abortion, but that was not an option for me.”

“Restrictive abortion laws may worsen family communication rather than promote it.” I have friends that have experienced pregnancy and abortion all of whom say the process is physically emotionally, mentally and socially straining. “Of teenage women who become pregnant, about 35% chose to have an abortion rather than bear a child,” a statistic that continues to increase. I also believe that more facilities and organizations should be formed to increase the education on sex, contraception, pregnancy, abortion and STD’s, etc.  This will help in the control and understanding of sexual activity among teenagers.

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